Backflow Tests by Tom Hempel Testing

Located in Salem, OR, we are authorized to perform backflow prevention device testing in the state of Oregon.

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(If you have received a shut-off notice, please do not use this form. Call us directly at 503-390-1961.)
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Q: What happens after the request is sent?
A: We will test your backflow and provide a copy of the passing Test Results form on your door
along with a bill for the test and any necessary repairs. Payment is expected within 14 days of completion of the test.
We will submit all necessary reports to your water provider.
* Please note, we may not contact you in person prior to testing your backflow device.

Company Profile

Tom Hempel is the proprietor of Tom Hempel Testing, an Oregon small business.
He has been performing backflow tests for 24 years and his business is growing daily!

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Salem, Oregon
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We will not give your information to any other party. It will be used solely for the purpose of performing your requested backflow tests.

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